The Me Luna NUPSi is a flexible rod of the same material as the cup designed to be threaded through the ring of the Me Luna cup. This allows you to lengthen the tip to make it easier to remove the cup. The NUPSi was developed at the request of many first-time users. Suitable only for use with Me Luna cups with a ring-shaped tip.

Purpose and Features of Me Luna NUPSi:

Helps inexperienced users feel more confident when extracting a menstrual cup.

If the NUPSi rod is too long, it can be cut to the right length with scissors.

As with the Me Luna menstrual cups, there are different sizes of NUPSi. You need to choose the size that fits the size of your cup. If you already have a Me Luna cup, you can check the size on the rim of the cup. The bezel will indicate the size: S, M, L or XL.

Please note:

The tip of the Me Luna menstrual cup and the NUPSi stem are designed to be used as a reference to help find the base of your menstrual cup. When removing the cup, always gently press down on it with your pelvic floor muscles, rather than just pulling on the tip or the NUPSi rod. Grasp the bottom of the cup as far as you can reach it, then allow air into the cup by gently squeezing the base of the cup to prevent a suction cup effect, and then remove the cup.

The NUPSi rod will detach from the ring if you pull on the NUPSi too hard.

Me Luna
Size L
Grip Only for cups with "Ring" tip
Color Purple
Material TPE
Country of Origin Germany

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Me Luna NUPSi size L

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