Hygiene and cleaning

Cleaning your Me Luna®

During your period it is sufficient to clean your Me Luna® with of mild soap or detergent and water. Simply lather the cup for approximately 1 minute. After using soap or detergent, please be sure to rinse with clear, running water to remove any traces of soap.

Cleaning recommendations:

Use a small brush (Interdental brush) to clean the air holes of the Me Luna® menstrual cup. From time to time, you can boil the Me Luna® in some vinegar water or salt water. This prevents stains and deposits.Dry the cup completely before storage. The Me Luna® menstrual cup should never be stored in an airtight container as this could promote odors. We recommend that you store your Me Luna® menstrual cup in its bag (each Me Luna® menstrual cup comes with its own storage bag).

Disinfecting your Me Luna®

Your Me Luna® should be disinfected before your first time using it and after every period. You may disinfect your Me Luna® by completely submerging it in boiling water (100° Celsius) for 3-5 minutes.
PLEASE NOTE: Me Luna® should never be boiled dry or touch the bottom of the pot, as it will melt! Don't leave the pot unattended! The use of an egg timer has been proven. this is a website for the countries of the Eurasian economic Union. If you are from a country that is not a member of the Eurasian economic Union, you can get more information and buy meluna on the website

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